Gourmet and Natural foods, treat yourself to top quality unique foods & service at Toucan Market and experience the difference.

Produce: Any Fresher and you would have to pick it yourself. Local growers, regional farmers and orchards around the world provide our store with the freshest fruits and vegetables available. The heart of our produce department is an array of organic items grown using methods that work with nature. 

Bulk: Fresh & economical.  Bulk foods include nuts, snacks, candy, coffee, herbs, teas and other special items.

Bakery: The aroma of fresh bread is intoxicating. Experience the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread that wafts up to greet you.  We feature European-style loaves that have crisp floury crusts and are warm, fragrant and satisfying. Every day, all day, we bake cookies, pastries, and deserts crafted by our bakers or brought in from pastry shops around the world.

Meat and Seafood: So fresh you can say you caught it. We select only the best catches and leanest meats available. Minimum processing, raised humanely and without hormones or antibiotics. Our offerings include fresh fish, shellfish, game, sausages, low fat cuts, natural, wild caught and much more. Oh...don‘t miss our deli! Featuring Boar's Head products. Flavor you can trust.

Grocery: Variety is the spice of life. Choose from a large and tempting assortment of products unique from conventional supermarkets. We perpetually diversify or products by introducing new ones. Ecco foods, organic foods, ethnic foods, Special Diet, and especially gourmet foods, alongside of our assortment of prepared meals.

Cheese: Discover the world one cheese at a time. Fresh Brie, Italian Mozzarella, Swiss Gruyere, Dutch Gouda, Goat, Yogurt, or Vegan –our delicious collection of cheeses from around the globe will tantalize any palate.

Wine: Over 600 wines from around the world, We carry over 120 specialty and craft beers, all of your favorite spirits, aperitifs, mixes and much more!

Mind and Body: Keep healthy the natural way.  Vitamins, herbs, and body care products such as lotions, oils, soaps and essential oils.

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